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Creative Writing: Book Art

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Both a stimulating written art review and the premise of a strong, muscular, visual art show by Frank Auerbach, which together, combine into something extraordinary. Read, look, think.


Great Cover Art

Print Feature

Fonts of a different kind are explored in this iconoclastic book, now part of the canon in visual design.In his introduction to The End of Print, Lewis Blackwell sums up why David Carson still matters today: “The work celebrated the resonance of print and its processes, as well as the potential for a more intense visual media.”-

Note: 2 copies are available in the NC Library at 796.62 BLA

Illustration Feature

You may have the words but what about the illustrations? Check out this brief history of illustration for some guidance on this.

Virgil Finlay, “The Conquest of the Moon Pool”

Contemporary Covers